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"This film is much more than a basic travelogue. It's a sociological look into a nation and people we probably should all understand a little better...Shot raw and dirty, Man Zou is wonderfully edited and filled with interesting images. Paired with Sonicsgate, Reid and his team form a talented group of young filmmakers we need to keep our eyes on."
     —Tony Robinson, KATU TV, Portland


"Naturally Man Zou will be compared to Sonicsgate, which won a Webby...They are two very different movies, but equally compelling, intelligent, and uncommon. While Sonicsgate was a sad and maddening story, Man Zou tackles circuitous quandaries - with an illuminating message. It would have been enough to do a film on China's environmental scope, the nomadic construction worker, or a meditation on slowing down. But instead - they deftly, did all three."
     —Reed Wacker, Seattle PI


"The film is entertaining, insightful, and aware. With this and Sonicsgate, Reid and his team have stepped up as major independent filmmakers that one should be on the look out for."
     —Allen Almachar, The Macguffin


"Throughout its 86 minutes, Man Zou offers a look at a place many of us don't know much about - and yet, once the mystery is removed, China looks and feels vaguely familiar. This view of China from a bicycle is much more than a vacation video - and is a true life adaptation of the Chinese proverb, "Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still."
     —Brian Calvert, KOMO Radio


"Jason Reid's Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai is a poetically entrancing journey across China that I found very close to being hypnotic...They find beauty, sacrifice, triumph, sorrow and a whole heck of a lot else along their path, getting an unfiltered look the likes of which the majority of will never get the chance to see for ourselves."
     —Sara Michelle Fetters,


"They capture a portrait of the country's landscape and citizens that spurs important dialogue about America's relationship with China. Namely, about fear, stereotypes and misinformation that keep the two cultures so disconnected. Also, the cinematography is pretty delectable and, typical of a Reid production, the editing and music score betray expert eyes and ears working behind the scenes."
     —Bond Huberman, CityArts Magazine


"Their journey provides the framework for both a bike adventure film and an in-depth examination of the cultural, social, economic and environmental factors affecting this rapidly changing nation. Man Zou captures an intimate and unfiltered look at this dynamic country, its people and their culture."
     —Anne-Marijie Rook, Ballard News Tribune


"It was though the film was shot through innocent eyes, by people that had not heard anything that had taken place in China prior to their arrival. I liked this. It blew my assumptions of China out of the water, and opened my eyes to the beauty that has been shrouded by the red curtain and cloud of smog."
     —Ryan Schuetze, Go Means Go


"Man Zou describes a way of life that our digital, Wi-Fi, socially networked, on demand, 24/7, 21st century culture has largely forgotten. And there's perhaps no better emblem of the fast-growing, ever-changing nature of the modern world than its most populous country, China. By slowing down and embracing the man zou philosophy in the unique way that bicycling allows, Jason and company were able to capture a view of China rarely glimpsed by Western audiences."
     —Stacey Panek, Cascade Bicycle Club


"Filmmaker Jason Reid and friends make their way from the country's political brain down to its pulsing, dynamic heart...They open a window to everyday life in contemporary China, as they slowly ride, three feet from the ground, through this rapidly changing and often contradictory world. The team states that "the ultimate goal of Man Zou is to educate, entertain, inspire and spark conversation about China and its future," and with its original and beautifully-filmed content and sensitive, considered editing, it achieves just that."
     —Aimee Groom,

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